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Original Hamper Company

The Caffeine Fiend

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Did someone say coffffffeeeeeeee? As a Melbourne-based company we know how important that delicious, dark roasted bean is to Mel-bean-ians. (I know…terrible)

Melbourne Expresso Martini

You’d trade your Grandma in for one of these espresso martini ’s. Sorry nan!

Laughing Pug Coffee Drip

Individually-Foiled Single Pour Over Drip Coffee filter bags (phew that is a lot of words - I need a coffee).

Sugar Coffee Scrub

“I love coffee so much I want to shower with it!” said every true coffee connoisseur. Handmade in Northern Queensland - Cruelty Free, Vegan and All Natural.

St Ali Cold Brew Coffee

2pm afternoon lag, 11pm night owl? Get that Caffeine kick on the go. Organic.

Dark Side Chocolate

Coffee and Chocolate go together better than salt and pepper. Crack this bad boy open with a cup of Joe.

Go On. Get your Caffeine on!

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    We ship our incredible hampers throughout Australia and orders are dispatched in less than 24 hours

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    We send out hampers using a carbon neutral delivery courier and use 100% recyclable material. Guilt Free Gifts!