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Why Being Basic is Awesome

You may be a seltzer sipping, pink-loving basic bitch or an iced coffee drinking, dark eyeliner basic bitch on dark mode and in disguise, either way, it is time we stopped feeling guilty for our basic tendencies.

There is a reason that many of the attributes and items that we deem as basic are there; it’s because they are fantastic! It is time that we reclaim the word and relish in our badass basic bitch lifestyle because let’s be honest, being basic is fun. From curating your home décor from Pinterest boards, buying the latest trending outfit from TikTok, boozy brunches with the girls or just simply partaking in something because it’s pretty and pink- we all have an inner basic bitch inside that needs some love and attention. Being called basic is no longer an insult, at least it shouldn’t be. If somebody calls you basic, it is a sign that the person saying cannot find joy in the simple things in life so at the end of the day, is that your problem? Not at all.

Party girls

Go beyond acknowledging the joys of the basic life- relish in it! Thrive in it! Embrace it as much as you can. If you are looking for the perfect way to kickstart your new loving relationship with your badass basic bitch side, then this Melbourne hamper company has got you covered. At Original Hamper Company, we have a special gift box curated by our very own self-proclaimed basic bitch. Whether you are wanting to surprise that girlfriend of yours or just looking to treat yourself, our Baddass Basic B*tch Gift Box is perfect for spoiling whoever receives it. From our ‘Fem Fatel’ scented candle to our boozy inclusions and some other treats, you will be indulging that badass bitch for sure!

The Badass Basic B*tch Box

All the contents of our hampers are from Australian small businesses as well. That means not only will you be getting some great self-care and self-indulgence items, but you will be supporting some incredible locals. Want to know more? Then check out our shop to see just what is in store and send some love to that badass bitch in your life!

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