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Wedding Gifts That Aren't Toasters

We all know the drill when it comes to wedding gifts. The happy couple fills out the registry and lets the guests know just what they need. Normally we see things like homewares and other similar items. Now, there is nothing wrong with tradition but as times change, we have seen many traditions get thrown to the side. Especially in a time like now where weddings are forced to either be postponed or made smaller.

Departing from tradition or missing out on a friend’s wedding is not all doom and gloom. What is the point of adversity if it can’t lead to innovation? Instead of picking up that toaster (let’s face it, most couples these days have been living together for years before they get married) or sending over that voucher, take this opportunity to get creative. Hampers, gift boxes and an assortment of smaller gifts is a creative and unique gift idea that is sure to make any couple feel special. Weddings are stressful, so little treats and self-care items are a gift that is always appreciated. They are also a smart way to help a couple celebrate their big day if you cannot be there with them. With many weddings being attended via Zoom and other remote ways- it is one way you can be there in spirit.

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Gift hampers are not just an ideal present for a bride or groom- they are also a thoughtful gift idea from the happy couple. Bridesmaids, groomsmen and particularly maids of honour, best men- they all play a role in making your wedding possible. Giving those in your wedding party a thoughtful gift to say thank you is a sweet gesture and creative way to show your appreciation. Weddings should be a celebration of different people coming together to celebrate and nothing captures that essence more than a gift hamper. If you are planning to purchase a gift hamper though, you do not want to go generic. This isn’t for your distant aunty that you feel pressured into buying something for Christmas or a raffle prize. Get creative and put something together that really speaks to those who you are buying for.

Bridesmaid Proposal  Gift Box

Not sure where to start or pressed for time? That is where the Original Hamper Company comes in. Our Bridal boxes, along with our other wedding-specific and creative gift hampers aren’t your cliché wine and assorted nuts style boxes. Packaged with care, creatively designed and containing items from Australian small businesses, Original Hamper Company has something for everybody. For the badass basic b**** bride, for the Maid of Honour trying to recover from reception or for your bro who is getting married in another city you can’t get to, we got you covered.

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