Wondersnack's Hangover nuts: Duck Fat and Maple Peanuts

We Like Nuts

Alright let's go nuts!

We think it’s important at Original Hamper Company that we know our suppliers. So everything in our boxes have been researched, tried and tested by us personally to ensure that everything you get in the hamper is something that we ourselves would love to receive.

So without further adieu…Meet our nut supplier, the Wondersnack.

A few years ago Christy, the owner of these salty delicious protein filled pellets of goodness, felt overwhelmed by the snacks on the high street. Either Full of additives, artificial flavours or simply uninspiring. She wanted to do better. She wanted to create a snack using only ingredients from the pantry, using locally sourced, gourmet ingredients and pack each bit with as much flavour as they can take. She did just that. These nuts are not your average nut and are extremely addictive!

The Bro Box Gift Hamper.

Get your nut fix with Original Hamper Company as a couple of our incredible gift boxes have these very nuts ready to eat.

Wonder Nuts have a range of flavours but our favourite was ‘The Hangover’ which contains free-range duck fat, maple syrup, and Worcestershire sauce, coating a mixture of salty peanuts in addictive secret spices. 'Familiar yet different', is how some folks have described these nuts. Wondersnacks generally prefer the description 'crack' and we have to agree.

Go on! Grab some nuts today.

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