Frank and Scents candles

Meet Our Candles

Franks and Scent’s creator, Andrew Khotsimeuang launched the company in late 2020 from what started as a Covid lockdown hobby to becoming a passion for creating high-quality candles that were still affordable for all. Mixing his own fragrances, Andrew strives to create unique and refreshing products.

Hand-poured in Melbourne made for everyone. The vision of Frank & Scents was to create candles that transformed space with fresh aromas to suit all walks of life. From masculine to sweet and everything in between, we had everyone in mind when creating these candles making them perfect for any occasion and décor. Our Candles are made with vegan biodegradable soy wax paired with wood wicks to create the perfect melt between wax and vessel, they are poured in small batches to ensure the highest quality products are made. In 2021, our expanding range has now introduced seasonal scents, diffusers, travel candles, and will introduce our new eco-friendly product very soon!

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