How To Have a Self Care Sunday

How To Have a Self Care Sunday

Sundays can be rough. Some of us are still pulling ourselves back together after a few too many wines the night before. Others may be gearing up for another chaotic week at work. Doesn’t matter what your situation is- there is always a reason to have a self-care Sunday. So how do you have the ultimate self-care Sunday? Well, first things first, setting the mood is important. Sense of smell has such a powerful effect on moods and emotions. A scented candle, incense or something that just makes your environment smell pleasant. Another way to invigorate the senses is by soaking your body. A hot bath is a perfect way to relax the muscles, giving the sensation of touch that helps our body relax. A scented bath soak or bomb can do just the trick to not just leaving the skin feeling great but also double down on those relaxing smells. It is time to relax so give your body the best possible chance. If you don’t have a bath- never fear! Our tip? Use that bath soak or bomb as a foot soak. Nothing like soaking your feet after a long week.

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Want to take that relaxation to the next level? Then investing in some skincare products to give your skin some additional love and care will set you right on the path for the essential self-care Sunday. Body scrubs, face masks- those types of products will not only leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated but they are so good for your skin. It is self-care we are looking for! Turn on some relaxing music, switch that television show on that is a guilty pleasure or take the time to read that trashy novel. Now, some people might like to have a glass of wine in the bath or while relaxing with their foot soak BUT if you are coming off a rowdy night or want to reset yourself for the week ahead, there are other options. A cup of tea is the ultimate companion for a Self-Care Sunday. Don’t forget to treat yourself a little too! Chocolate or a sweet treat is a must. We all deserve a bit of me time and surely, there is somebody in your life that also deserve it too. If all the above sounds like total bliss, then give the gift of relaxation to somebody you care about. At the Original Hamper Company, our Melbourne based hampers, especially our Self Care Sunday Gift Box is the ultimate way to give that special person in your life some bliss. Loaded with loose-leaf tea, a sugar scrub, bath soaks, a soy wax candle and of course chocolate- we won’t even judge you for purchasing it for yourself.

 Self Care Sunday

All our products in our hampers come from other small businesses so not only are you give the gift of Self Care, but you are also supporting some great Australian companies. It’s never been a better time to help somebody (or even yourself) make self-care Sunday a part of their routine.

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