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Don't Get Him Socks This Valentines Day

Christmas is over, new years is a thing of the past. Yes…it’s that time of year again, when on the 14th of February you had better not forget… its Valentines day! It’s a time to show that special someone that you think they are awesome and get them a little gift to show them how much you care. Trust me, you do not want to forget Valentines day…a hug is not a gift.
The Bro Box, including a soy candle, duck fat nuts, old fashions cocktail, beer and chocolate
This year, Original Hamper Company, have done all the hard work for you and curated two gift boxes perfect for the bloke in your life. “The Bro Box” and “The Hipster Hamper”.  The Original Hamper Company was born from that little thing called a global pandemic. With their usual jobs temporarily put on hiatus, this Melbourne based duo put their heads together to launch a little small business that would in turn help other little small businesses within Australia.

All of the products sourced in their gift hampers are from small businesses throughout Australia and have been personally curated by the owners, a male and female duo who set their goal on starting a gift hamper company that was fun, quirky and had personality! They have a strong ethos on keeping everything made in Australia and even their stylish gift box and packaging is 100% Australian made, with most of their products coming from small boutique business and responsibly sourced where possible for good measure.

The Hipster Hamper including old fashioned cocktail, coffee, chocolate, solid cologne, duck fat nuts

So let’s talk about these man hampers themselves! “The Bro Box” contains an old fashioned cocktail hand crafted by a boutique cocktail bar in Fitzroy, Melbourne. It’s bottled, ready to drink and perfect for a night on the couch. The dark side chocolate is from a local Melbourne Chocolatier, the ’hangover nuts’ are rolled in duck fat and will help sooth their head after a no doubt booze filled valentines day and there’s even a can of craft lager from the boys at Bodrigy to wash it all down with. A nice little extra for this hamper is that it contains a beautifully scented candle ‘Mr Bond’ that will please everyone in the household.

Okay. So let’s talk hipsters. They couldn’t be a Melbourne based hamper company without paying homage to their hipster friends. Has your boyfriend or husband got a beard? Long hair? Own a pair of those weird Aladdin pants everyone gets in Bali? Or hell, do they just order their coffee with a little flair. Well this Hipster Hamper has you covered. Incredible coffee bags from the laughing pug, rub on cologne that’s not only made in small batches, but is eco friendly and smells bloody incredible, and of course that whiskey old fashioned cocktails for them to swirl around and feel all fancy. 

With help of Original Hamper Company, Valentines day doesn’t need to be cheesy and lame, it's a chance to show your man that you love him or like him… or tolerate his bad dad jokes. So don’t get him socks or a cuddley bear. Get him a gift hamper that’s ALL MAN. 

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