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Dogs Are The New Kids


According to the surveys, millennial couples are opting for plants and pets over children. Honestly, who can blame them? Our pets are a huge part of our family and if you have owned a dog, there is no doubting just strong the bond between and dog and its owner is. (Don’t worry, we love cats here too, but this one is for the doggos.) They are with us when the world feels too hard. Always there for pats, cuddles and never judging you. Their loyalty knows no bounds- we all know deep down that we do not really deserve dogs in our life.
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That is why your dog deserves a special treat here and there. Whether you want to spoil your own furry friend, treat your childhood pet that may still live with your parents or help a friend celebrate the new addition to their family- our Pawsome Dog Gift Hamper is the ultimate way to show our dogs the love they deserve.
The Pawsome Dog Gift Hamper
Filled with treats, a toy and even their very own dog “beer”- let your pup join in on the self- care Sunday. These Pawsome treats (that pun will never get old) are made just for pooches. Meaty treats, peanut butter treats, handmade treats- all that good stuff that will have your dog feeling all the love that have for him.Dogs are our family too. Nobody can dispute that they deserve all the love and attention we can give them. Whether that guilt is creeping in after having to go back into the office after a long stint of working from home or you just want to spoil them- at Original Hamper Company we understand. Don’t let your real best friend miss out.
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